22 inch iBungee Laces (1 pair)



22 inch iBungee Laces (1 pair)

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Never tie your shoes again! iBungee laces make putting your shoes on fast and effortless. Simply replace your existing laces with iBungee laces, attach the cord-lock, and voila--shoes go on and off effortlessly.

  • Length: 22 inches
  • Shape: round
  • Type: stretch cord
  • Excellent comfort and fit
  • Adjusts instantly for customized tension
  • Includes 2 laces and 2 cord-locks
Please note: Regular laces need 12-15 inches extral length for tying. iBungee laces only need 4-5 extra inches. So if you are replacing regular laces, you will want to purchase a shorter length iBungee lace than the one's your replacing. See chart below for general guidelines, however actual lace length needed will vary based on type and size of shoe.

Shoe Size Low-Cut Shoe with Lace Loops Low-Cut Shoe with Eyelets High-Top Shoe with Lace Loops High-Top Shoe with Eyelets
US Men's 5 - 7
& US Women's 7 - 9
26-inch 30-inch 30-inch 34-inch
US Men's 8 - 10
& US Women's 10 - 12
30-inch 34-inch 34-inch 38-inch
US Men's 11 - 13
& US Women's 13+
34-inch 38-inch 38-inch 42-inch