63 inch Work Boot Laces (one pair)

63 inch Work Boot Laces (one pair)

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Sturdy & durable, these 63-inch Work Boot Laces are a perfect replacement for worn or torn laces. Made from a nylon and cotton blend, these 63-inch laces are designed for boots up to 12-inches tall with 9-10 pair of eyelets. Item may vary from picture shown.

* We may substitute another brand of lace if this item is unavailable. Substituted items will be of equal quality and price.

Lace Length Eyelets Boot Height
36-inch 5 pair up to 8 inches
40-inch 6 pair 8 inches
45-inch 7 pair 9 inches
54-inch 8 pair 10 inches
63-inch 9-10 pair 12 inches
72-inch 11+ pair 14 inches
81-inch 16 inches
90-inch taller than 16 inches
108-inch Lineman boots

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